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  • Therapy Services

    Individual Therapy

    Individual therapy can be short-term or long-term based on your needs. If you want to be supported on your individual journey, we can help.

    Couples Counseling

    Do you feel like your relationship is at a standstill? Are you and your partner stuck…

    Sex Therapy

    Are you stuck in a sexless marriage? Do you and your partner have mismatched sexual desires?…

    LGBTQIA2S+ Therapy

    Stigma-free, affirming, affordable therapy for LGBTQIA2S+ Individuals Do you live outside of the heteronormative-cisgender box? Have…


    What is EMDR Therapy? Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an integrative psychotherapy approach…

    Life Transitions

    Are you having a difficult time with death, divorce, a new job or other life transitions? We can walk with you through your journey.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is a short-term, problem-focused form of behavioral treatment that helps people…


    Do you need support, but can’t make it to an in-person appointment?

    Healing Religious Trauma

    You can heal and recover from religious trauma...

    Brian is trained to help you with the following:

    Note: Teletherapy and in-person therapy are offered for Nebraska & Iowa residents during this time of COVID-19

    • Sexuality and gender
    • LGBTQIA+ related issues
    • Improving self -esteem
    • Stress management
    • Couples & sex therapy
    • Grief/loss recovery
    • Anxiety & depression
    • Parent-teen relationships
    • Bipolar disorders
    • ADHD
    • Thought disorders
    • PTSD
    • Divorce and blended families
    • Relationship & communication skills
    • Vocational counseling

    Services rendered:

    • Individual & couples therapy
    • Workshops and group therapy as scheduled

    Therapeutic Approach

    Brian offers individual and couples psychotherapy.  Brian believes each person is complete and whole as they are, but have become hurt by past experiences and/or current life stressors.  Brian understands the need for each person to be treated in a unique manner because no two people are alike.  This is why Brian is available to offer short-term and long-term psychotherapy to his clients using a holistic approach.  Some individuals may need to work out a current stressor in a short period of time, while others have years of hurt and pain that need healing.

    Brian’s therapeutic approach is inspired by Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, who believed in the concept of individuation.   Individuation is the process of integrating the conscious with the unconscious, for the purpose of self-actualization. The process of individuation is a journey and psychotherapy should be looked upon as such.  Unfortunately, there is still a stigma surrounding mental health issues but one doesn’t have to feel “unstable” to participate in psychotherapy.  The process of psychotherapy is revealing the “you don’t know what you don’t know” and making it aware to you.  It is also a process of healing past false beliefs about yourself and creating new perspectives in your life.

    Brian enjoys using individualized treatment interventions that are unique to each client such as: CBT, EMDR, DBT, Sex Therapy, Psychodynamic and other expressive therapeutic interventions.  As a psychotherapist Brian enjoys working with individuals with an array of life challenges ages 18 and up.  Depression, anxiety/fears, sexual related issues, LGBTQIA+ concerns, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder and relationship issues are areas of interest.

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